Who doesn’t love a good walk through nature?  Have you ever been on a nature walk and found a plant, insect or animal and wished you could have known what it was you were looking at?  There IS an app for that!!

The app is called “Seek by iNaturalist” and  is a great way for everyone – kids and adults – to explore the natural world and learn names for anything living.

It is simple to use as well.  Just open the app and then click on the camera icon.  Place the object in question within view and let the app do the work.  The app will tell you if you need different angles and even when to take the picture once it has identified the object.  Once you snap a picture, it will add to your files and give you lots of information about the object itself.


Once you have done a little seeking on your own, you will begin to earn badges, as seen below.  You can even join local or global challenges that are pre-set by Seek itself.










Now that YOU are an expert “Seeker” we have a challenge for you – a sort of scavenger hunt.  Head outside and find the following items.  For a harder challenge, set a time limit for yourself before you begin or even challenge a friend.

Let’s find –

  • 3 plants
  • 2 insects
  • 1 reptile
  • something red
  • something green
  • something purple
  • something that walks
  • something that flies
  • something that squirms

Once you have found some items we would love for you to share them with us on Facebook.  https://www.facebook.com/longacresranch/

Find more information about Seek, head here – https://www.inaturalist.org/pages/seek_app