We are a small but mighty team of four educators and one guest coordinator here at Long Acres Ranch.  Our expansive education background allows us to develop programming that is directly tied to the science standards and activities are correlated with the TEKS.

At this time, our programs are limited to LCISD schools and local private schools.

The outdoor experiences are site-based, hands-on science activities that last approximately 2.5 hours.  Stations are set up according to age/grade level, and groups (approximately 20 per group; max 120 students) move through the stations. Stations are teacher-led with provided materials and scripts.  Occasionally, we are able to find volunteers to help with a special topic.  If you have a desire to make it an all day field trip, you are welcome to pack a lunch and eat on the grass.  *3rd grade MUST bring a lunch for fishing, as that is built into the program. We have additional team building activities we can bring out for you to do with your students after lunch, or you can just have your regular class outside and enjoy the green space.