We are a small but mighty team of three educators and one guest coordinator here at Long Acres Ranch.  Our expansive education background allows us to develop programming that is directly tied to the science standards and activities are correlated with the TEKS.

The school field trips are location-activity based and last approximately 2.5 hours.  Stations are set up according to age/grade level, and groups (approximately 20 per group) move through the stations. Stations are teacher-led with provided materials and scripts.  Occasionally, we are able to find volunteers to help with a special topic.  If you have a desire to make it an all day field trip, you are welcome to pack a lunch and eat on the grass.  We have additional team building activities we can bring out for you to do with your students after lunch, or you can just have your regular class outside and enjoy the green space.

Our activities are planned out according to the month so schools can base their field trip on topic interest. The 2021-22 school year topics are as follows:

September- Myrmecology- The study of ants.

October- Hydrology- The study of the properties of the earth’s water.

November- Pedology- The study of soil.

December- Petrology- The study of rocks--specifically igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary.

January- Meteorology- The study of weather forecasting.

February- Bioecology- The study of the relationship among different living organisms and their environment.

March- Mycology- The study of mushrooms.

April- Herbology- The study of plants for therapeutic uses.

May- Lepidopterology- The study of butterflies and moths.