Limited parking in the front, but PLENTY of parking in the back
We would be more than happy to discuss how you would like for the guests to enter the building.
Please do not park in Staff Parking, handicapped parking (without proper tags) or fire zones
PLEASE do not park in the grass around the building or along the driveway


Open guest wifi
Presentation stations with HDMI connections (you must bring your own device)
Portable dry erase boards
Coffee urn (60 cup) or Keurig
Small ice machine
American and Texas flags


Please move tables and chairs back to how you found them
No tape on the walls/doors/floors/windows/mirrors without manager permission
No drinks on the windowsills
Volume control—this is still a place of business
There is no copier, printer, or computer on site to use
Avoid dragging things across the floor (tables, coolers, etc…)
Do not lean on or move room partition
DO NOT LOWER THE SHADES IN THE PAVILION--Please ask an LAR staff member for assistance
Please break down boxes in the trash if you bring in box lunches
Ask permission for ANY video/photo while onsite

For multiple day events:
Store materials, food, water, the room you are using
Please do not use the kitchen as a break room to hang out
Coolers must be kept outside
Bring your own trash bags