School-Based Programs

School-based programs access the Ranch as a resource to add enrichment to the classroom…truly an outdoor learning laboratory. Field trips are important tools for reinforcing concepts taught in the classroom, bringing a real-world application or first-hand experience to the students. For many students, these field trips provide exposure to aspects of our natural world for the first time.

Five independent school districts (, along with 22 private schools ( are currently located in Fort Bend County and base all instruction on TEKS (Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills). To support and reinforce classroom learning at the schools in our area, all programs offered for K-12 education will be approved for meeting TEKS requirements. Several programs can be progressively designed such that fundamental concepts are reinforced and built upon through multiple years across K-12 grade levels.

Program information can be found HERE.

Homeschool Programs

We are able to provide homeschoolers with hands-on science fun at the ranch.  We explore various Earth and Life science concepts through the year (September- May), and maybe some physics and chemistry too!  All families in grades PreK-12 are invited to come.  Most of our activities are expert-led, with additional time to explore various concepts together as a family group.  Classes are held twice a month, with the first class just focusing on elementary students, the second class is the same content, but has additional activities for the older [secondary] students.

More information including dates and registration can be found HERE.