WHOOOO is important? Owls!

Image by Capri23auto from Pixabay Most people have seen at least one or two owls in their lifetime. They may be regarded as simple, beautiful creatures but they are actually a very important part of the ecosystem too.  They play a large role in the balance of the food chain in many forests across the country.  They help … Read More

This Doesn’t Stink – Animal Scat

Image by christels from Pixabay Scat is what scientists call animal droppings.  All animals leave droppings because they must rid their body of waste.  But what can we learn from scat? What are some different kinds we may find?  Where do we look if we want to find scat?  All this, and more, if you read on.

Mimicking Mother Nature

Biomimicry is defined as imitation of the living. Science uses it to take what nature has perfected over millions of years and uses the same processes to solve human problems and meet human needs.  It allows humans to be more efficient, resilient and sustainable. Living organisms have evolved over time and created well-adapted structures through … Read More

Do Animals Sweat?

Photo by Charles from Pexels We live in Texas and anytime you go outside in the summer around here, most people want to turn right around and go back into the air conditioner!  As humans, we have the option of staying inside to stay cool.  But what do animals do when they are hot?  Do … Read More

Making Hypertufa

For any gardener, beginner or experienced, one of the joys of planting is finding the perfect pot in which to display your plants. For some this can become a rather frustrating hunt – or you can simply create your own pot from hypertufa. Hypertufa is a lightweight, porous material made using Portland cement. Follow along … Read More

Seek and You Can Find

Who doesn’t love a good walk through nature?  Have you ever been on a nature walk and found a plant, insect or animal and wished you could have known what it was you were looking at?  There IS an app for that!! The app is called “Seek by iNaturalist” and  is a great way for … Read More

Rock Painting 101

If you are ever looking for something fun to do in your free time that does not cost a lot and gives you hours of pleasure – here is a solution – rock painting!!  You only need a few supplies to get started and this can easily become a healthy habit for you. To get … Read More

Mitigating the Scars Left Behind by Wild Pigs

 By Scott Lightle, Jim Cathey, Josh Helcel, Brittany Wegner Maintaining the natural beauty of Long Acres Ranch is an ever-evolving task, and as many land and natural resource managers would say, an immersive experience. Some days end with a handshake with mother nature, but others leave a day’s worth of work in front of us. Some jobs only reveal … Read More

Rainfall Simulator at Long Acres Ranch

At Long Acres Ranch, we have teaching opportunities that link youth with lessons revolving around the ranch’s natural resources.  Recently, we partnered with the Seven Lakes High School FFA, located in Katy I.S.D. in Ft. Bend County, to fabricate a structure called a Rainfall Simulator – an educational tool to be used at Long Acres … Read More

Demonstrating Native Grassland Restoration

At Long Acres Ranch in Richmond, TX, we are looking forward to the response of native grasses and forbs planted in a demonstration field in the spring of 2018.  We would love to jump to the future and see the results of our 30-acre planting that is full of potential for a variety of life.  … Read More