Ology Days

Welcome all inquisitive minds! Once again, we will be offering a different science class each month to our homeschool families. The classes are designed for students in 1st-8th grades. They are 2 hours long starting at 9am-11am. If the weather cooperates, most classes will take place outside.  Families will stay together as a unit and rotate to [approximately 6] activity stations. Each station will contain detailed instructions and it will be up to the parent/guardian to explain and help their child(ren) with the activity at that station.  All activities are hands-on and sometimes quite messy!

There will be a $20 materials fee for each family unit, for the entire year, and this will register you for all 9 classes.  Payment will be due at the first class.  Class size is limited to 20 family units. Details about each class will be sent out the week before, along with any background knowledge you might need to help facilitate the learning. We ask that you bring a writing utensil, water to drink and wear closed-toe shoes.

We will be following all COVID-19 guidelines set forth by the state. There will be a maximum of 10 people per group/activity (about 3 families) and you must wear a mask if you cannot stay at least 6' apart.  We have a lot of space on the ranch, so this should not be an issue at all. For more information, follow this link--> Opening the State of Texas and scroll down to outdoor events.

Use the button below to register for your preferred day! (Both days are EXACTLY the same content...only register for one!)

September- Benthic Ecology- The study of water organisms and their environment. Get your hands dirty looking for macros. Once found, take a close up look and watch how they move and interact with other biotic and abiotic things.

October- Ichthyology- The study of fish. Join us at the lake as we create a little art...do a little fishing...and a few other fishy activities.

November- Ecohydrology- The study of the interactions between organisms and water. We will take a ride down to the river and explore things in and out of the water. *This lesson is dependent on the river level. Another class may be substituted if conditions are not favorable to be by the river.

December- Ornithology- The study of birds. From beaks to feet, we will look at all aspects of birds.  Learn about the predator/prey relationship with our live quail that live on the property.

January- Mammalogy- The study of mammals. Poop, pelts and prints is what this class is all about.  We will study all three to discover which animal belongs with each example.

February- Physiology- The study of the function of body parts. Dissect a rat to learn about the different body systems and how they work together.

March- Phytology- The study of plants. It is growing season in SE Texas! We will dig in the dirt and plant some seeds.

April- Entomology- The study of insects. Now that the weather is warm, the bugs are out in full force! Which insects will you capture to classify?

May- Apiology- The study of bees. Learn about the importance of this special pollinator. Take a peek into a live hive and run some experiments on honey. You will leave with a new respect for these little gals!

When you register, you are making a reservation for "1" family unit.  There will be a form to add all of your children. Call or email if you have any questions.  Thanks!