September 7, 2021 @ 2:30 pm – 3:30 pm

Calling all archers! If you have an interest in being on our homeschool archery team, this activity is for you!

Beginning September 7th, there will be open practice for any interested archers ages 9yo (4th grade)- 18yo (12th grade). THIS IS A HARD AGE LIMIT. The age is set by the program, not by LAR.We will spend every Tuesday in September, from 2:30-3:30pm, working on archery skills. No previous experience is required. All equipment will be provided! (You may NOT bring your own equipment unless it has been approved by the LAR staff.)

September 7th is a MANDATORY attendance day. Those who are unable to attend on September 7th, will not be allowed to attend any further classes until next year, or you can sign up for Explore Archery in the evenings beginning October 19th.

On October 5th, we will have tryouts for the team. The archers who score in the top 20, will make up the team. Those who do not make the team are encouraged to sign up for Explore Archery October 19th to continue honing their skills.  Practices will continue to take place for the team until December. Archers who make the team will be required to purchase their OWN genesis bow (between $130-200 depending on the color). We also ask that archers who make the team, STRONGLY consider going to the state archery tournament in March.  Any questions will be answered on September 7th.