Texas A&M Natural Resources Institute

Long Acres Ranch has been working with the Texas A&M Natural Resources Institute for the last several years.  Although the ranch currently does not have any formal research projects being done with NRI, we collaborate on activities and information including the quail hatching project with the schools. There is a lot of information to be found on their website about quail.

Anatomy of a quail

What do quail eat?

Sounds a quail makes

Habitat requirements of quail

Texas Quail Atlas

Reversing the quail decline initiative

Quail Development

This is an excellent website with full sized pictures of quail embryo development.

Bobwhite Quail Embryo Development

Decline in the Bob White Quail Population

This is a short list of articles that discuss more about the Bobwhite quail--specifically the decline in population. These are not intended for younger students to read and understand, but they might give you some insight on why quail are important.

Where have all the quail gone?

The case of the disappearing quail

The decline of the Bobwhite quail populations in the 20th century

Can Bobwhite quail be saved?

Quail Facts

More Information