National Archery in Schools Program (NASP)

NASP is an in-school activity that is a great alternative to those who want to be involved in an activity, but are not interested in traditional sports.

Like any extra-curricular activity, there is often a cost to participate. By making in investment in equipment, there is an ownership factor that comes into play. It is free to participate at LAR, but we do ask that you provide your own Original Genesis bow if you make the team. Bows can be purchased at a number of places including Wal-Mart and Academy. The official website for the bows is --> We will provide all other range equipment including the arrows and targets.

There will be 4 weeks of beginner lessons/practice for homeschooled students in grades 4th-12th, who wish to participate in archery. We will provide ALL equipment including bows during this time. YOU MUST ATTEND A SAFETY INSTRUCTION CLASS or have been part of the team the past year in order to participate in these open classes. Team tryouts will be on Tuesday October 5. You do not need to attend all 4 open classes in order to tryout, but you must have attended the safety class and/or been on the team in the past. The top 20 scoring archers during tryouts, will make up the LAR team.


Beginner lessons/practice days- Tuesday, September 14, 21, 28

Tryouts- Tuesday, October 5

Practice will take place on Tuesdays, October-December, 2:30-3:30

State qualifying tournament- January 18

State Tournament- March 22 &23

Please use the registration buttons below to register. Contact us with any questions!